Khadijah’s story from homelessness to Harvard is an inspiring story of determination and perseverance. Thank you to all of you who have expressed your admiration and support for her.

Khadijah’s journey will soon continue abroad, over in europe where one of the top construction software companies, Metaphorix Ltd will be taking her on as a trainee. She will experience working in a top level company before returning to the US to start college at Harvard.

Khadijah began her freshman year at Harvard College this September, and still has a long way to go towards accomplishing her goals. This website has been established for those of you who wish to reach out to Khadijah.

In order to allow Khadijah the privacy to make the adjustment to Harvard, she asks that you not contact her directly or through Harvard University, but instead use the links on this site.


About this Site

I am passionate about education and community involvement. My goals will always be linked to the topic of education and helping others. My plan for my life requires that I accomplish four goals: graduate law school, earn a doctorate in education, build a profession advocating for the under-educated, and buy a house for my mother and sister. Though I would love to accomplish all of these goals at once, I know that I must set priorities and first concentrate on my higher education.

Over the next ten years, I will use my unwavering will and motivation to pursue my law and doctorate degrees. My circumstances in life have taught me that education and knowledge, unlike many things, cannot be taken from you. By educating
myself and continuing to learn, I will be equipped
with the skills and knowledge to help not only myself but also others.”

- from Khadijah’s college application essay